Hotmail problem

Hotmail problem

Post by Johnny Lov » Tue, 09 Sep 2003 22:46:32

I have a problem with getting into Hotmail. I can log in/out form it on any
computer but my home. I can log just fine into the Messenger just fine no
problems. But it will not let me get into mail it asks me for my password
each time and will not let me log in.

Using on IE 6.0. on Win 98 2ed with IE patches SP1; Q810847; q313829;
Q813951; Q813489; Q330994; Q818529; and Q822925

If there is any information or additional patches need please let me know. I
have not had any luck finding any.


Hotmail problem

Post by dalewoma » Wed, 10 Dec 2003 21:45:39

Is anyone else having trouble with the new version of
hotmail? I can send and reply to messages but the
recipients can't read my message. The subject line goes
through okay, but the message text is blank.


Hotmail problem

Post by Ed » Wed, 10 Dec 2003 22:49:42

Yes, I can't do anything in my Inbox. As soon as I open
the folder, the whole page is frozen, I can't even close
the program except through Task Manager. I don't know
what to do.

Hotmail problem

Post by Nevan » Thu, 11 Dec 2003 03:41:23

The following is from a post in microsoft.public.internet.mail that
gives a workaround for the blank Hotmail problem. The subject line on
the thread is: problem sending hotmail messages w/ text in body

Hotmail problem

Post by Greg Ros » Thu, 11 Dec 2003 16:38:00

Have had this problem for a week now, have tried several
eMail help requests but no joy there. In frustration the
only phone number I could find was for their Finance/
Accounts Dept. They'd been told a change made to the
Hotmail System on Dec.1 had failed and they were
attempting to fix. No estimate of when it would be

Hotmail problem

Post by norris s. » Thu, 22 Jan 2004 09:49:06

I have a hotmail acount, XXXX@XXXXX.COM . I
am unable to receive messages and the messages I send are
naot received by the addressees. I am using only 1% of
my storage space, and the junk email box is empty. I am
unable to contact microsoft to report this problem or to
find out how to fix it. Help doesn't help, as it
provides no info as to how to fix this problem. Does
anyone know how to report this sort of thing to hotmail?

Hotmail problem

Post by bing » Sat, 03 Apr 2004 08:42:28

I don't receive mail from some domain on my account, even trash and my spam
filters are off!
Can anybody explain?...thanx

Hotmail problem

Post by Simon John » Mon, 04 Oct 2004 10:52:35

Every time I go to log into my Hotmail Account I'm greeted
with the following mesage;

You have made too many unsuccessful sign-in attempts with
an incorrect password for:


Your account is temporarily unavailable. This is a
temporary delay that helps prevent someone else from
guessing or obtaining your password.

You can:

. Wait a few moments and then try to sign in again.
. Reset your password, if you can't remember i

However I've not been trying to access my account and I
have infact been signed in via MSN. This message could
mean that someone is trying to hack my account. I'd like
to know what I can do about this, ie can I have my account
blocked say for 10 days and hope whoever is doing it will
get bored.

Once I log in I'd like to change my password, but even
trying to do this I get the same error.

Any advice would be greatlu appreciated.

Hotmail problem

Post by Vanguard » Mon, 04 Oct 2004 12:21:37

"Simon Johnston" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

Once you get logged into your Hotmail account:

- Change your password. Make sure you use a STRONG password (don't use
words, mix in alphabetic and numeric characters, and add one or more
non-alphanumeric characters, like %, _, !, or whater you like and
whatever Hotmail will accept).

- Also change your personal information. The "Forgot Password" function
of Hotmail will ask for this info to let you reset your password
(actually I've never got the "Forgot Password" function to work as it
then prompts with a page saying that my password was wrong, which was
the first page that I got, so I'm stuck in a loop). However, unless you
remember what is the bogus info then you, too, cannot try to use their
"Forgot Password" function. The person trying to hack into your account
might be someone close to you that knows you have a Hotmail account or
to whom you have sent e-mails from there, and if they know enough about
you then they might guess at your personal info. Make sure to NOT
publish your account it Microsoft's directory (been too long since I
used a Hotmail account to know if they still provide that, um,
"feature"). So start with a strong password first.

If you don't use your Hotmail account much and just want to deactivate
it for awhile to avoid the hack attempts, you can cancel the account.
You can then reactivate it within 90 days. However, reactivation
requires you specify your password so it degenerates back to having a
strong password (so if you had a strong password then hacking in would
be harder whether to an active account to login or to reactivate an
account using that same password).

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Hotmail problem

Post by PA Bear [M » Fri, 27 Jun 2008 22:16:27

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Hotmail problem

Post by U3Bpbn » Sat, 27 Sep 2008 04:49:01

I have a hotmail account where my e-mail address is ???????
If I use windows live mail as my default mail-provider will my hotmail
address still be usable.

Hotmail problem

Post by PA Bear [M » Sat, 27 Sep 2008 08:18:41

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all of them. Thank you.

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Hotmail problem

Post by VanguardL » Sat, 27 Sep 2008 09:16:27

An e-mail address points at a domain that provides e-mail service.
Windows Live Hotmail is an e-mail service. As long as the Hotmail
service is functional and keep your Hotmail account active, your Hotmail
*address* will "still be usable".

You can use the webmail interface to access your Hotmail account. Oh

You can use an e-mail program that supports Deltasync to access free or
paid Hotmail accounts. Microsoft is switching Hotmail away from their
old proprietary HTTP/WebDAV protocol to their new proprietary
HTTP/Deltasync protocol.

No e-mail clients support Deltasync other than:
- Windows Live Mail.
- Outlook 2003/2007 + Outlook Connector add-on.
To connect to Hotmail using Microsoft's proprietary protocol, you are
locked into using a Microsoft e-mail program

Windows Live Mail (WLM) is *not* a "default mail-provider". Windows
Live Mail is an e-mail program, or client, that includes support for
Deltasync. You can use WLM with Deltasync to connect to free or paid
Hotmail accounts.

If you *pay* for a Windows Live Hotmail Plus or MSN Premium account, you
get access to their POP and SMTP mail hosts. Any POP/SMTP e-mail client
can connect to a POP/SMTP e-mail service. Windows Live Mail supports
POP along with IMAP, HTTP/Deltasync, and SMTP.

Hotmail problem

Post by ...winsto » Sat, 27 Sep 2008 15:13:26

Inline..for additional clarity

ms-mvp mail

- Later but not prior to Jan 2009. Until then, grandfathered(in use in OE and never deactivated up to Oct 2004) and premium
accounts(Hotmail Plus, MSn Premium and MSn Premium subaccounts) continue to function in Outlook Express. Outlook 03/07 and Windows
Live Mail using the WebDav server.
Additionally, Outlook 03/07 with Outlook Connector add-on(version #4 download, installed as version 12.0) is still capable to
access WebDAV for free Hotmail accounts.

- Outlook Connector beta2 (version 12.1) is the DeltaSync capable version
- Note to Premium Subscribers: The Outlook Connector beta 2 will automatically upgrade your MSN Calendar to the new Windows
Live Calendar beta. Once upgraded to Windows Live Calendar, you will be able to synchronize multiple calendars, including shared
calendars to Outlook! **You will no longer be able to access MSN Calendar.**