Outlook express 6 limitations on addresses

Outlook express 6 limitations on addresses

Post by Michael Sa » Sat, 20 Dec 2003 08:33:57

Your ISP sets the limit for the number of names per group. If you exceed their limit, they
will refuse to send the message. Check with them for their limit. Limits are typically
in the 10 to 100 range, with 50 being fairly common.

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How can I get the address book and local folders from
Outlook Express 5 to newly installed Outlook Express 6?

Formerly had Windows 95 and Outlook Express 5 (or 5.5.)
Hard drive was reformatted using Windows 95. Then
upgraded to Windows 98. Before reformat, backed up
Outlook Express 5 (or 5.5) onto an Iomega Zip drive. Can
I just drag the old Outlook Express 5 folder and put
whatever files had copied to the Zip drive into the
Outlook Express 6 folder-without doing any harm? Will it

What else might I be able to do.

(Note: When the new Outlook Express 6 was just installed,
the first time it was used, I got a message saying that it
had identified older Outlook Express files and did I want
to move them to Outlook Express 6. I checked do it in the
future. Cannot now find the command to do this. How do I
locate it?)

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