MS-MPPE-Send-Key to msk1

MS-MPPE-Send-Key to msk1

Post by Yami » Sun, 27 Jan 2008 06:29:36

Hi all,

I'm developing an application and I need to convert from MS-MPPE-Send/
Recv-Key to the msk.
From what I have read:
the first 32 bytes of msk is MPPE_RECV_KEY
the last 32 bytes of msk is MPPE_SEND_KEY

now, I have the authenticator (from access request packet) as well as
secret pass.

I can decrypt the MPPE_RECV_KEY fine and I get a value.
However, i cannot seem to decrypt the MPPE_SEND_KEY.

if anyone is interested, I tried the code from #decrypt_ms_key
to test as such luck. I just cannot decrypt the send key.

Am I missing something. Would the mppe-send-key be decrypted using
the same authenticator as the recv key?
They use the shared secret as well i would think?

Anyone have any ideas? If anyone knows of a site where I could
validate my recv key that would be great too.

Thanks for any help on this one. I know it's in depth.