NPS Logging

NPS Logging

Post by RGFnbWF » Fri, 27 Mar 2009 01:06:31


I tried to implement 802.1x authentication in LAN and WLAN. It partly works.
Therefore I wanted to have a look at the logs like I was used to do with IAS
on Windows Server 2003.

The checkboxes in the props of nps are enabled, I also followed the
recommendations of KB 951005. No logging at all on the server side (except
for the "a LDAP connection with DC .... fo domain .... is established"). I
enabled the "logon event" and "account logon event" in the local policy for
both successful and unsuccesful events. The result of this is that only
successful events are logged in the Security Eventlog (e.g 6272 - NPS granted
access to a user and 6278 - NPS granted full access to a user because the
host met the defined health policy (by the way, there is no health policy at

Is it possible to activate any verbose logging?

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NPS Logging

Post by RGFnbWF » Tue, 31 Mar 2009 20:08:01

According to the Linksys Support Hotline my switch is noch compatible to
Windows Server 2008 Radius (this is true for all Linksys products - however
WRT54G works).