DNS server IP address supplied by IAS?

DNS server IP address supplied by IAS?

Post by QWxsYW » Thu, 12 Jan 2006 16:16:02

I can see it is possible for IAS to assign a specific IP address to a VPN
client, is it possible to also asign DNS server IP's to VPN clients from the
IAS server?

I am using a third party radius client not RRAS.

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I have Windows 2003 Server with DNS running. My server has a private
ip address 192.168.1.* and a public ip address that is routed via NAT.
My macine is bound via the private IP address I have full internet
access and DNS works.

My problem is that my machine name is being updated with the private
address and this is the SOA. I change the SOA and the machine name in
DNS to the public IP address but after a few minutes, it changes it
back to the private IP address. How can I have the the machine name
not auto update. I have dynamic DNS disabled on the Adapter and on
the DNS for that zone but it still updates this.


OS: Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition
Machine Name: mymachine.mydomain.com
IP address(On Adapter):
Public IP addres via NAT:
DNS Zone: mydomain.com
SOA for my DNS Zone: mymachine.mydomain.com
A Name for mymachine

I would like to set the A Name for mymachine.mydomain.com to and have it stay that way.
Is there anyway to do this?

Kyle Dawson

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