how to test IAS radius ?

how to test IAS radius ?

Post by TWF0d » Sat, 12 Jun 2004 15:06:02


I have setup IAS on windows 2000 server, and want to test it before maing network changes

NTRadPING from , times out though

A port scan of the radius server does not show 1645 is being listened on either

What testing tools are there
why is it timingout



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Our internal Novell NetWare network users currently obtain Internet access via authenication requests from our firewall to RADIUS running on a Novell NetWare server. We are migrating to a Microsoft Windows 2003 server domain and want to use IAS for authentication, bypasssing the NetWare RADIUS and NDS entirely. The Novell servers will eventually be removed

We installed IAS on a domain controller, registered it in AD and configured the firewall to be a RADIUS client. Only default settings for IAS were used. Our firewall was configured to send requests to the appropriate port on the IAS server. However, we continue to receive "invalid user name or password" messages when domain users attempt to authenticate

I have read several IAS configuration documents on the Microsoft knowledgebase, and still cannot confirm that I am even able to do authentication using this method, let alone verify that I have configured everything properly. Can someone offer some help as to exactly how this authentication method must be set up?

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