Workgroup Information File Problems

Workgroup Information File Problems

Post by Leo Rinci » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 00:04:26

Hi all,

I posted this in ".security" as well but it might very well have something
to do with replication ...
Thanks for you help,

I've got a properly secured 97 DB as a back-end replica and am constantly
forced to re-enter permissions for my users. Workgroup information file
behaves as if it doesn't save new settings at all. Any suggestion
I assign permissions on DB objects in original, non-replicate
archives, prior to replicating - Access complains otherwise:). Then I
replicate and encounter various "permission" errors when attempting to open
the (replicated) DB afterwards - not upon synchronizing.
Re. your comment then, it is not strange when, after wrkgadm.exe edits the
workgroup file, its Date Modified property doesn't change?!

What am I to do about it, anyway? I'm guessing that this could not be a bug
in user-level security when replicating ... someone must use both secure DBs
and replication, it shouldn't be that *** , right?

I'm not quite sure, (whether I get these errors before replicating) to be
honest, because I was a bit behind on my FE design so I've put these issues
to rest for a while.
One unusual thing I'm doing is that I'm switching between Access 97 and 2000
constantly since I'm developing front-ends in two different "flavors" (I
stopped recently since I was devastated to learn that one cannot use Access
2000 front-end on replicated Access 97 backends - and that by Microsoft's
design! - still don't know how to solve that one ...) and using the same
Access 97 generated *.mdw file.

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happens when I distribute my application to other computers? I guess the new
workgroup information file has to follow, but what impact will it bring to the
other computer? Or should this task be done in quite another way?

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