Maintaining a unique/sequenced field

Maintaining a unique/sequenced field

Post by TVNST09LSU » Tue, 18 Jan 2005 19:27:05

So I get the idea not to use the autonumber field for anything meaningful.

But - how do I create a sequenced or unique field when I am dealing with

Seems random number generation would minimize the conflicts, but there is a
remote possiblity of a conflict, and giving a customer an invoice, location #
etc of 238982752398756 is cumbersome.

Sequencing poses a problem, since if I am tracking my numbers/increment, it
would be very easy to duplicate in a replication environment.

Could possibly suffix/prefix a sequence based upon which replica/master
being used, but this presents problems also.

Any ideas where I could keep invoice numbers in sequence while using
replicas where the replicas and masters are creating invoices???


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Hi ,
I want to create a unique field on 2 columns named (customer_id ,
is_default ).
but the problem I have in having this is in my customer table
customer_id field is unique and can have more than 4-5 values for
is_default field. hence if I want to create a unique key composed of
the above 2 keys then it would not happen as my same customer_id have
4-5 is_default values and I want them to be unique for each combination
in the table.....

so any suggestion with this are highly appreciated ....


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