.NET HTTP 1.1 SOAP client, ISA 2000 Proxy, WebSphere v6 HTTP 1.1

.NET HTTP 1.1 SOAP client, ISA 2000 Proxy, WebSphere v6 HTTP 1.1

Post by Sm9obiBHIE » Fri, 30 Jun 2006 05:06:02

Hi There,
I am working with a customer in LA who is having issues with a
.NET web services client. They use the NetworkCredentials object
and perform a SOAP HTTP 1.1 POST with Basic Auth.

What happens is when the POST goes through the ISA 2000 proxy
via SSL tunnel direct to the WebSphere server, we get a 401
back from WebSphere. Apparently when the BA header is set at
the .NET client it gets lost when forwarded to the WebSphere
server. When I look through the logs I see a HTTP protocol version
of HTTP 1.0.

What happens when we go direct SOAP post to the WebSphere
server without the ISA 2000 proxy we succeed and the HTTP
protocol version is set at HTTP 1.1.

Is there any remedy to have the ISA 2000 SSL tunnel forward the
HTTP 1.1 POST as HTTP 1.1 and handle the HTTP 1.1 protocol
interactions correctly?

Are we missing something at the .NET client or the proxy in regard to HTTP

Thx for your consideration,
J G Harney

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2. Why configure Soap formatter for HTTP Binary Remoting - .NET Framework 1.1

Hello All,

Recently I had posted a message to forum requesting assistance to resolve a
security issueI was facing in .NET Framework 1.1, the error being "Because
of Security Restrictions, the ObjRef cannot be accessed". The solution was
in the server's app.config file where I had to set the 'typeFilterLevel' to
'Full' for both the SOAP as well as the Binary formatters. My remoting
environment was set for Server activated components (so no config file or
configuration in the client side) and I used TCP / Binary for communication.
Initially I just configured the app.config to reflect the Binary formatter
as follows:

<formatter ref="binary" typeFilterLevel="Full"/>

This I added to the channel element in the app.config and it did not resolve
the issue, I was still getting the same errors. I tried to read through but
could not find any specific article explaining why it still happened. I
tried configuring both the SOAP and Binary formatters and it worked.

My question is why do I have to set the 'Soap' formatter's 'typeFilterLevel'
to 'Full' to get TCP Binary to automatically deserialize.

Any theories would be of great help.


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