hoe to edit "TCP Connections per Minute from One IP Address Limit Exceeded" rule

hoe to edit "TCP Connections per Minute from One IP Address Limit Exceeded" rule

Post by ozgu » Sat, 14 Jul 2007 22:12:44

Hi all,

I am using a third party content filtering software (CA SCM) between
clients and ISA. ISA acts only for web caching. but as all the
requests to ISA flows through the web filter machine, i am getting a
"TCP Connections per Minute from One IP Address Limit Exceeded" error
for the web filter IP and ISA blocks the IP for 1 minute.

is there a way to bypass this protection for one IP or raise the
threshold value to a higher point so that my web filter will not be

thanks in advance...


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2. First TCP/IP (UCX) Release, Oldest VMS with (limited) IP

There was a recent thread around here where a question on the oldest
OpenVMS VAX (VAX/VMS or MicroVMS) release with IP support (optionally)
available was raised. Here's the related and oldest (and very limited)
UCX-related information; the oldest VMS version with UCX (IP).

As for CMU IP or other IP products that might be around, that's another

[Found this announcement on the way to something else equally ancient.]

VMS/ULTRIX Connection V1.0

This is a VMS layered software product that provides VMS services to UNIX
clients. This product includes the Internet (TCP/IP) networking
protocols running on VMS and the Network File System (NFS) server software
running on VMS. The importance of this product is that it allows any single
VMS system or a large VAXcluster system to act as an NFS server to a large
number of UNIX-based workstations. For the first time Digital provides
UNIX-based workstations with access to the high availability data management
features of a VAXcluster system such as shadowing.

Key Features: V1.0 support

- Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
- Internet Protocol (IP)
- User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
- Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
- File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Future versions will support mail (SMTP) and remote login (Telnet)

Prerequesite Software required:

- For the VMS server, VMS 4.7 or V5.0, or MicroVMS V4.7
- For the UNIX client, any UNIX-based system which supports NFS V2.0 and the
networking protocols specified by the DDN (Defense Data Network) RFCs,
including ULTRIX-32 V2.2 or later and ULTRIX Worksystem Software V1.1 or

Deliveries begin in the fall of 1988.

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