VPN CMAK Login script issue

VPN CMAK Login script issue

Post by Microsof » Fri, 30 Jan 2004 07:55:21


I am running ISA 2000 STD on Windows Enterprise server 2003, this a DC (I
know it shouldn't be), VPN is configured via ISA and uses a DHCP server to
issue ip addresses (+wins & dns) on the same subnet as the ISA server. All
the other DC's are on the same subnet.

I have used CMAK to create a dialer for our XP Pro clients, the dialler
connects and then runs our login script in sysvol.

My test users are reporting that the VPN connects 100% of the time and the
login script runs but no drives are mapped. We have only the one login
script for use inside and outside of our network. When logging in internally
the script always maps drives, externally it fails to do so. the drives are
mapped using net use \\server\mydir /home syntax.

Can anyone offer any advice ?


VPN CMAK Login script issue

Post by Praveen Sw » Thu, 26 Feb 2004 20:34:14

I think this is due to authentication issues:

From outside,

1. Can you ping the 'Server'?

2. Are the user creds the same for both internal and external.
If not, validate if the share has permission for external users

3. Check the event logs on the RAS server to see if there is any event
logged for external users.

If all these are fine, can you do the following before you net use:
ping -n 20 server

If this doesn't work, could you send the following: (after connecting from
the external site)
pathping server
route print

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VPN CMAK Login script issue

Post by msnew » Fri, 05 Mar 2004 03:03:42


I have the same problem. Any luck finding a solution?



VPN CMAK Login script issue

Post by msnew » Fri, 05 Mar 2004 04:44:20

I receive the same error.

It seems that when I login to my external workstation under a different
username and password than username and password I authenticate with through
the VPN, I'm not able to map drives and am prompted for a password for each
network share I try to connect to. How do I fix this other than logging
into my local workstation with the same username and password as the VPN

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