Rate Limit Protocol based on dst subnet

Rate Limit Protocol based on dst subnet

Post by Dennis Bur » Sun, 18 Jan 2004 07:36:06

I have a frame network that gets bogged down on some user
downloads. I was hoping to setup where say 192.168.2.x
subnet gets xxxk of port 80 bandwidth, and 192.168.3.x
gets xxxxk of port 80 bandwidth. We have three T1s at our
main location, so they overun the frame and cause our unix
app that is telnet to run slow.


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We use C2950 switches with EI and are successfully rate limiting on
individual ports. Now we have an additional need.

We are running virtual servers (multiple guest machines running on a
single physical host). The physical host plugs into a single
switchport. For example, assume 5 guest machines:

VM 1 -
VM 2 -
VM 3 -
VM 4 -
VM 5 -
Physical host -

We want each VM to be rate limited individually. Example, each VM
should get 1 Mbps. In other words, rate-limit based on source IP.

If we just rate limit the switchport to 5 Mbps, a single VM could pass
up to 5 Mbps traffic. Goal not met.

I know the 2950 has very few rate-limit options compared to a router
or a 3550.

Is there any way to accomplish what we need on the 2950? If not, what
is the minimum switch model we'll need to do this, and will we need SI
or EI image?

Or is it better in the long run to go with a router to rate-limit
based on IP address?

Advice, please. TIA.

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