ISA2006 Network Interfaces and RPC(all interfaces)

ISA2006 Network Interfaces and RPC(all interfaces)

Post by muzor » Mon, 02 Jul 2007 20:18:28


At this stage I have Isa2006 enterprise edition active.

I have 2 private networks for each of these network I have specified a
variable name and assigned the network value of internal.
Network 1 has a IP range of and network 2 has
a IP range of

The network is ActiveDirectory windows 2003.

If I login from a client machine I see when logging on this client pc
from ISA that "rpc (all interfaces)" is being denied. This is occuring
while it is specified/allowed in a rule. I tried disabling the
application filter RPC this had as effect that it was working but when
logging I see at a certain stage that the connection is being closed
because there was no server reply.

Main question now= Why is this happening?

When I use a client pc with outlook 2003 from network 2 in cached mode
it seems to take ages to retrieve actual data from the exchange server
which resides in network 1. If I create a new outlook profile without
cached mode it works immediately. When loggin it is showing the same
rpc(all interfaces) denied message.

Some good advice or point for discussion is appreciated.