Help with Add-on's in IE7

Help with Add-on's in IE7

Post by TWlrZSBCdX » Sun, 30 Sep 2007 20:48:01

I have an add-on (awtqq.dll) in IE7 that gives me annoying pop-ups for
DiskCleaner, WinAntiSypyware, and others. I disable it and after a restart of
IE it is right back. I disable it, close and open EI and it is not there
until the next time I open. I have read that someone said if you delete the
file it just comes back, which makes me believe that there is something
generating this .dll. When I try to download suggested software to ride this
file, it will shutdown IE. I am shocked Symantec or other even Microsoft
don't have a fix for this. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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What is the difference between starting IE8 without add-ons, and disabling
all of them through 'Manage Add-ons'? Is there something else that "Start
without add-ons" disables? Add-ons that 'Manage add-ons' does not detect? I
encountered a webmail app that behaves differently when IE is started
without add-ons vs disabling them all. (I found a simple acceptable
workaround for the original issue, so I am more interested in the questions
as asked rather than solving the issue that prompted this.)

BTW, I really disabled *all* of them, those in 'Run without permission', and
'Downloaded controls' in addition to those listed as 'All add-ons', which
curiously does not seem to actually include some of those in the other

Thanks. (IE8 on WinXP SP3)

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