Entourage and Exchange Server 2000

Entourage and Exchange Server 2000

Post by deanepotte » Fri, 25 Feb 2005 02:44:37

We have been wrestling with the integration of Entourage and Exchange
for a while now. We have Mac Office 2004. Entourage is connected to
exchange. The users can send/receive messages. The only problem we
have is that they can't see the Global Address List from within
Entourage. When selecting a destination address for an email, the GAL
does not show up as a group to select from.

Can anyone provide direction on this or point me to articles that might
help with this?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi all,

Currently, we have Dell Poweredge 2500, Windows 2000
server which is used to run Exchange 2000 server. Since we
are having a reboot problems and also we have decided to
cut-over to a new and robust Compaq server I have set up a
new server with Server 2000 and the latest service Pack
and windows update installed.
One thing I am having a problem is that should I
run "forestprep" and "domainprep" on the new exchange
server before I install Exchange 2000 server? Or should I
just install Exchange 2000 on the new server without
running the above to utilities scince there is already an
existing exchange 2000 server running with in the

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