Entourage 2004 vs Exchange 2000: bad news

Entourage 2004 vs Exchange 2000: bad news

Post by Matt Baco » Sat, 04 Sep 2004 21:49:54

Well, I've had to revert to Entourage X. Entourage 2004 just will not play
nice with our our installation of Exchange Server 2000.

Somewhat randomly, it appears to corrupt mails or headers, breaking single
mails into many parts. Looking at the tracking tools built into the mail
set-up, my admin can't see any information about mails generated by
Entourage 2004 -- subjects, delivery notices, progress through the system.
Every field that is filled for Windows users is blank: we can't even get
message-IDs on my mails, though viewing the sent headers in Entourage 2002
shows them.

There's worse to come, though. Some mails bounce around in queues for hours,
literally clogging the system. These are being blamed for a back-up failure
last night, and corruption in the info store.

If you don't have these problems, fine. But unless you're sure you don't,
I'd recommend playing it safe and going back to Entourage X if you're using
Exchange 2000, and waiting for an acknowledgement of the issue and fix from
MS (or until your company upgrades to Exchange 2003)

Best regards,

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We run a 2000 Exchange server that also has, in the past, allowed me to pop
my mail, when I was using MAC OS 10.3.8 and Entourage X

This week I installed MAC OS 10.4.1 and Entourage 2004 (and updates) on my
office eMac.

Now, even though I have not changed the network settings, I can no longer
download my mail. Watching "Progress" it shows the number of messages to be
received, and says it has completed "0 of 2307 ...Kb"

It whirrs for a while and then gives me the following error message:

An operation on the server timed out. The server may be down, overloaded,
or there may be too much net traffic.

HOWEVER, I can send out mail, same as always.

When I tried to telnet to the server from Terminal, I could log in and see
my messages...so connectivity is not a problem.

I usually use the Outlook webmail interface from home but I have the same
software setup (OS 10.4.1 and Entourage 2004, also on an eMac) so I created
a new Entourage id, set it up to download my mail, using the same settings
as I use at work.

It downloaded part of them from the server and then gave me exactly the same
error message, "Progress" showing it stalling at the Completed....0 of

Of course, the IT person says it is my MAC problem not a server problem...

Any ideas, PLEASE??

Mauri Collins, D.Ed.
Instructional Design and Faculty Development Specialist
Center for Distance Education
School for New Learning, DePaul University, Loop Campus

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