Entourage takes several minutes to quit

Entourage takes several minutes to quit

Post by rayphou » Sat, 06 Sep 2003 14:35:39

Has anyone here had problems with Entourage (10.1.4) taking a VERY
long time to terminate after you Quit the application? Any suggestions
or observations would be very welcome.

Entourage takes several minutes to quit

Post by Keith Esa » Sat, 06 Sep 2003 23:03:04

On 09-05-2003 12:35 AM, in article

Do not disconnect from the internet until after you quit. (The most likely
reason--Entourage is trying to update the deleted files on the POP server.)

Keith Esau


Entourage takes several minutes to quit

Post by rayphou » Sun, 07 Sep 2003 04:43:20

As a quick followup: In searching the message board, someone suggested
in a earlier thread that Stealth Mode in Norton Personal Firewall may
prevent necessary communication with the email server and cause
Entourage to delay Quitting. I disabled Stealth Mode and the problem
is gone. However, I don't understand why the problem suddenly appeared
a few days ago, though I've been running Personal Firewall in Stealth
Mode for months. At any rate, apparently Stealth Mode, the cable modem
and Entourage are not compatible; too bad!

Entourage takes several minutes to quit

Post by Diane Ros » Sun, 07 Sep 2003 06:48:56

On 9/4/03 10:35 PM, in article

Are you using the Exchange features? The 1st sync may slow things down quite
a bit especially over a slow connection, and the first sync can take a long
while if you have lots of mail, contacts or events. After that things should
speed up considerably.

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Two likely causes:

1. You have a schedule or script running at shutdown time that is taking a
while to complete - check your schedules for any that run at shutdown, and
disable them

2. You have a firewall blocking some higher port numbers which Entourage
uses to check for other copies with the same serial number running on the
network - this was a 'known issue',and the SR1 update addresses this. It's
still possible you need to check your firewalls.

If have Norton Personal Firewall 2 installed, try turning off the stealth
mode and then testing, it should resolve the issue. The stealth mode in
version 2 interferes with the network PID checking and there is no other
workaround other than to turn off the stealth mode if that is the cause of
your issue. The incompatibility between Office X and Stealth Mode seems to
be resolved with Personal Firewall 3.

Diane Ross
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