Mail and Contacts do not Sync with Exchange

Mail and Contacts do not Sync with Exchange

Post by Richard Le » Fri, 10 Oct 2008 19:26:12

I am desperately looking for assistance in trying to get my Entourage 2008
sync with Exchange 2003. The facts are:

* I can quickly and successfully sync with the exchange server. All of my
folders are immediately created and the calendar syncs both ways fine
* I see no mail or contacts in the folders. Even the public folders appear
* In looking at the folder properties, the data appears to be there as the
size corresponds to the folders in Exchange (outlook)
* I can successfully send mail in Entourage through the exchange server.
* If I sent mail from Entourage, I now have sent mail visible in the sent
folder but now I get a sync issue server failure message that the sent mail
cannot be synced with exchange
* calendar works perfect

I have found a few others on the web with the same problem. I have not found
a solution. Entourage support is shuffling me off to exchange support.