how do I print rows only where tick box is ticked?

how do I print rows only where tick box is ticked?

Post by aliso » Sat, 10 Jul 2004 09:57:17

I need to build a questionnaire form which is a series of
descriptions, each with its own associated check box. For example:

changeable, fast moving [check box]
intense, driven [check box]
relaxed, laid back [check box]

Each question would be on a new row.

Any or all of the boxes can be checked by a client.

When they have completed the form, I want to be able to print it out
so that only the rows where they have checked the box are printed. If
they didn't check the box, the row wouldn't print.

I also need a "comments" field at the end of the questionnaire where I
can type in my comments. This field would also print out.

I have never built a form before and have never used macros. I do
understand how to use simple formulae in cells. I'm using an old copy
of Excel 98 on a Mac (OS9).

A step by step explanation would be VERY much appreciated. TIA.

how do I print rows only where tick box is ticked?

Post by Bob Greenb » Sat, 10 Jul 2004 22:06:39

On 7/8/04 8:57 PM, in article
XXXX@XXXXX.COM , "Alison Green"

A technique I have used for this is as follows. Set up your "form" this way.
Then try to record a macro to do the steps.

If you are using the check box control, link it to a cell, so the cell's
value becomes true or false depending on the check box. Of course, make sure
that the value is on the same row as the question. In another column
(either hidden, or off to the right of the print area, place a formula that
will generate an error if the value of the cell is false. For example, if
the true or false goes into cell H1, then place the formula: =1/h1 into I1.
And fill this down for the number of rows needed. In this way the cells in
column I will have values or either 1 if the box is checked, or #DIV/0 if it
is not.

To print the form, select column I, then in the edit menu, select Go To,
choose special, then check Formulas and errors. Now, only the error cells
are selected. Then, in the format menu, select row and hide. Now only the
checked rows will be visible, so print the form. To restore the rows, simply
click on the "I" column header and select Format Row, unhide.

Bob Greenblatt [MVP], Macintosh