Cant "Print to file" and print report from file.

Cant "Print to file" and print report from file.

Post by SmVycnl » Sat, 09 Oct 2004 05:49:03

I want to send a report to a file. Then I want to put the file on a website
where website vistors can print the report from the file.

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Here is what I want to do:
I printed a PDF file as "print to file" (File.PS)
It is a PostScript Printer file (It comes to 265K)

Now, I want to send the file "File.PS" to the printer on LPT1 so it
will print.
I tried >copy File.PS lpt1
BUT, it seems it sent something to the printer (Not long enough as
when Adobe Reader send the PDF file to the printer) and nothing
happened. I sent it again as above and about 2 inches of the page

Any suggestion how to do what I want? OR Why what I tried did not



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