OutputTo problem -- Save Report Filter before OutputTo

OutputTo problem -- Save Report Filter before OutputTo

Post by strive4pea » Sat, 13 Jan 2007 13:51:35

i Dave

you must SAVE the filter with the report before you Output To...here is
a generic procedure you can put into a general module to do this:

Sub SetReportFilter( _
ByVal pReportName As String, _
ByVal pFilter As String)

' written by Crystal
' Strive4peace2007 at yahoo dot com

' pReportName is the name of your report
' pFilter is a valid filter string

' SetReportFilter "MyReportname","someID=1000"
' SetReportFilter "MyAppointments", _
"City='Denver' AND dt_appt=#2/14/07#"

On Error Goto Proc_Err

'---------- declare variables
Dim rpt As Report

'---------- open design view of report
' --- and set the report object variable

'use the hidden parameter to open if you don't want to see it
DoCmd.OpenReport pReportName, acViewDesign
Set rpt = Reports(pReportName)

'---------- set report filter and turn it on
rpt.Filter = pFilter
rpt.FilterOn = IIf(Len(pFilter) > 0, True, False)

'---------- save and close the changed report
DoCmd.Save acReport, pReportName
DoCmd.Close acReport, pReportName

'---------- Release object variable
Set rpt = Nothing

Exit Sub

msgbox err.description,, _
"ERROR " & err.number & " SetReportFilter"

'press F8 to step thru code and fix problem
'comment next line after debugged
Stop: Resume
'next line will be the one with the error

resume Proc_Exit:

End Sub

Warm Regards,
(: have an awesome day :)
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Remote Programming and Training
strive4peace2006 at yahoo.com

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Hi Everybody,

I'm trying to set up a report so that everytime its printed it is also
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The question is, how can this be bypassed? I came up with a few ideas, but
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