Setting Paperbin Property On-the-fly

Setting Paperbin Property On-the-fly

Post by bGFuZGV5Z » Thu, 21 Jul 2005 02:57:05

I have read several posts on how to programatically set the paper bin, but I
haven't been able to find any post that addresses my particular need. I have
a report, which is a letter to clients. When I click the Print Report button,
the same letter prints to each of 80 clients with client specific data
interspersed throughout the letter. I need to be able to specify that the
report prints to the Upper paper tray for the first page of each client's
letter (so we can use letterhead paper) and to the Manual paper tray for any
additional pages (so we can use plain paper). There are some, but few,
letters that are more than one page. I have set the Page number to reset to 1
in the Group Header section and so I was hoping that I could simply put code
in one of the On___ events that would say "If Page > 1, Paperbin = Manual".
Thanks in advance.

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Hi I have 2 txt boxes in my form that do calcualtions using the control
For example the txt box margin has a control source of netcost-jobcost (which
are also txt boxes).
As the two txt boxes results are not stored in a table can someone please
tell me how I can get the results to show in any report that has "margin" as
a field. What control do I use for it to pick up the results from the
calculation that was made in the form. Not every report has both netcost and
jobcost in.

Should I put them both in there and make them invisible and then do the
calculation again in the control source of margin??

Thank You

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