Errors Accessing Hard Drive/Files and Read Only Errors Please Help!

Errors Accessing Hard Drive/Files and Read Only Errors Please Help!

Post by menelso » Sat, 10 Jul 2004 01:23:58

When saving from PowerPoint (MS Office 2004 for Mac) I get the
following message "There was an error accessing Mac Hard
Disk:FOLDER:FOLDER:FileName.ppt." Additionally, I get read only errors
when that is not the case. HELP! Thanks.

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Error 128 *may* be caused by drive overlay software but isn't by definition.
I have seen 2 times that NT partitioned disks assumed the disk geometry to
be xxxx cylinders - 256(!) heads - 63 sectors in the 3 years I worked for

While 256 is technically correct it is normally avoided as MS-DOS (and all
that's build on top of it like Windows 9x/ME) can't cope with this, it will
crash. PQ tools flag the existance of partition table entries that imply a
256 heads geometry as an error. See if the NT version of partinfo indeed
shows 256 heads for disk geometry.

If so, then deleting partitions and recreating them is the only solution.

For fighting the disk manager and ez drive <> PQ errors:

If you are certain that you dind't install such software our free tool
MBRtool can help:

- use it to 'refresh' the MBR boot code
- use it to clear track 0 (apart from the MBR)

Before actually performing this you can backup the MBR (I advise to do so).

Kind regards,

Please include previous correspondence!

DiskPatch - MBR, Partition, boot sector repair and recovery.
iRecover - FAT, FAT32 and NTFS data recovery.
MBRtool - Freeware MBR backup and restore.

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