First Word Hangs on Initial Edits, Now Excel Joins In.

First Word Hangs on Initial Edits, Now Excel Joins In.

Post by John McGhi » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 11:53:37

Yeah, sorry Bill :-) We're a little short-handed here currently, and
feeling the pressure a bit.

The most important thing is that you actually posted "at all" so we can
learn of the issue and try to help you resolve it.

It would have made it easier if you had posted the same issue into the two
different groups (as I have done here) so we can all see how the issue is
being addressed in each group.

Yes, you should indeed start a new thread for each new issue. In this case,
it would appear that you have one issue affecting two applications.

Just ignore us: It's Tuesday Morning and we're grumpy :-)


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to add, delete, or modify the custom toolbar? Some items need to be removed
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BTW, each template needs to stand alone because the templates are
distributed via the company Intranet; users then save as needed.

Thanks in advance,

Dawn B.

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