USB sync with vpc5 & xp for ipaq 2210

USB sync with vpc5 & xp for ipaq 2210

Post by Damia » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 20:20:35

Does any body know if this is possible?

MS Activesync installer always seems to stop at 92% of installation.

I love VPC but now im getting frustrated

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At last I have a PDA with Bluetooth and (via keyboard) can now attend to
emails on the move. The only problem is that the sync with PC on this item
is incredibly slow. I have looked for ways to minimise the folders [the
sync] checked through but there does not seem any way of limiting these.
However it also seems to be the case that only those in the inbox are shown,
which is fair enough.

Can anyone give any helpful comments please.

Thanks in advance


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