MP11 Album Art tiles, MSN Radio Plus, Expanded Tiling

MP11 Album Art tiles, MSN Radio Plus, Expanded Tiling

Post by Zmx1eCBidX » Tue, 23 May 2006 09:08:57

When the album art is tiled (ie year view) if you click the album art icon,
it hsould bring the next tile to the top:
Access to MSN Radio Plus for paying members? i have to open in
IE and launch from there....or save a station to a playlist etc
etc...workarounds. where is my MSN Radio button? THe link at goes to the general radio station tuner........lame
I like Expanded Tiling, can we use that more in other views besides SONGS?

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I'm using a large background bitmap in my DX app. Users want the ability to
add higher resolution bitmaps which will exceed the max texture size of most
chips. So, I'll need to tile the background. Should I standardize on a fixed
tile size, say 256x256 or 512x512, or use variable sizes tiles? It seems
like fixed-size tiles would help prevent cracks at the boundaries. The
advantage of smaller tiles is that they would use less texture memory but
they would be slower because of more texture switching. Larger tiles would
be less memory efficient but faster.

I'm looking for thoughts from those who've been there and fought with the
details. What worked best in actual practice?


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