wmp 9 goes from the bottom bar and dissappears to right of screen

wmp 9 goes from the bottom bar and dissappears to right of screen

Post by TWFya » Fri, 26 May 2006 03:54:01

this has happened to me a long time ago and i cant remember the solution,
i can get a very small (3x4cm) screen to appear. but just cant get the
basic screen or full screen..help!
thanks in advance Mark

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2. Can't get form to go full screen over space at bottom of screen

I;'ve tried various things and cannot get my form to display in the whole
window in a Kisok/Full Screen mode. I tried following the advice on this
page to no avail.
http://www.yqcomputer.com/ +start+menu+on+Compact+Framework+2.0+SP1&rnum=1#93325afb934c2b45

I am using .NET CF 2.0 SP1. Before upgrading from .NET CF 1.0 I had no
problem going full screen on the device. It's CE 4.2 by the way. Any
ideas? Also, I can hide the task bar and start menu on the bottom, but the
window will never fill that bottom space, it just keeps it empty so you can
see the desktop in that little space at the bottom where the taskbar used to
be. I've tried maximizing and manually setting the form size but it will
not move or take over that space. I'm using an Intermek CK31 mobile device.

Any ideas?

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