Limit bandwidth per stream per player

Limit bandwidth per stream per player

Post by Batk » Tue, 13 Sep 2005 23:50:52


I have set "limit bandwidth per stream per player" on my server to 400 kbps
so that the highest stream would be 355 kbps. Ever since I did that, my
window media player does not work with "detect speed". I can only connect
when I set bandwith to T-1, or DSL 768. Only then I can view 355 kbps from
my server. Otherwise, it doesnt connect telling me that server not

I understand why it is doing it... I mean i am guessing... My speed is high
so it tries to connect higher than 400 kbps and the server rejects it
because it only allows up to 400 kpbs. But this doesnt seem right... Why
would MS make this feature not work with "Detect Speed" ?

Any ideas anyone??? how can i coorect this so that players can connect with
"Detect Speed" vs. manual setting?


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Hi Guys,
i'am on a Mission but i'am stuck, usually you can help me out.
I'am trying to write a C# Application that can Limit the Network
Bandwidth (In- and Out-going) per Process just like NetLimiter. But I
have many Problems at the moment my biggest Problem is how to Limit
the Bandwidth.
With IpHlpApi.dll I can get all Processes with open Connection and the
Ports they are using and I can Apply a Filter that Blocks a Port
(PPF_FILTER_DESCRIPTOR). But how can I Set a Bandwidth limit for a
Port or a Process. I don't know, i've googelED all Day but can't get a
clear Solution, usually it is becauce my Bad English or my Bad C++.
If you want to look at some Other tools that Do nearly the same go to:


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