Invalid Alignment (ERROR 8004020E)

Invalid Alignment (ERROR 8004020E)

Post by QXJ0dXJ » Sun, 15 May 2005 07:42:02

When I try to burn a cd-rw, it converts properly and stuff. After converting,
the hard-drive ejects the cd an an error message appears. It says "An
invalid alignment has occurred. I don't know what that is. Can anyone help?
By the way:
I have Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 1
My windows media player version is
The cd-rw is a 24x
Arturo Villarreal Jr.

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Just starting today, whenever I try to burn a cd using
Windows Media Player, I get the error message that
says, " An invalid alignment was specified". I tried
burning songs that I have burned previously and that
didn't work. I tried system restore and that didn't work.
I placed different songs first in the playlist and that
didn't help. I slowed down the burn speed and none of
them work. I am out of ideas and need help! I burn cd's
frequently and I really want to get this fixed as soon as
possible. Any help anyone can offer would be greatly
appreciated. Thank You

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