help with error 8004020E

help with error 8004020E

Post by amhhemU4N » Sun, 04 Apr 2004 06:31:04

when i go to copy files to a disk, only the first track will copy, when it gets to the second track, it says 'closing disk' how do i fix this problem?

1. Error Code 8004020E

2. error number 8004020E

I made a playlist and then pressed copy. It converted all the songs but then
only copied the first song and closed the disc. I tryed it about 4 times and
it kept doing the same thing. I've copied about a dozen cds on my computer
before but this specific playlist won't go.

3. error no. 8004020e

4. Error 8004020E Invalid alignment was specified

5. Error 8004020E invalid alignment??

6. ERROR 8004020E

7. error '8004020e'

8. 8004020E error

9. error code 8004020E

10. Alignment error 8004020E

11. error# 8004020E

12. Error msg # 8004020E

13. Error 8004020E

14. You've encountered error message 8004020E invalid alignment

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