Handling double click event

Handling double click event

Post by Puru » Thu, 01 Feb 2007 01:17:58

hi ,
My requirement is to get hold of events when the WMP changes from and
to Full Screen mode.
I will handle my application specific things and return true for
normal behaviour.

The problem i am facing is that i have regsiterd the event using
attachEvent , but it is not getting registered.
I have embedded the WMP in html page .

As i undeerstand i have to handle 2 events
Double click and key up (for ESC key)

for double click , i tried registering DoubleClick as well as
ondblclick. both the handlers are not called.
same is the case for KryUp.
I tried Ambient event handlers also .

I also used the function SendMouseClickEvents but no use

Please suggest what is required to be done to get the hooks.