Is datasource plug-in needed?

Is datasource plug-in needed?

Post by c2VsdmF » Wed, 30 Jul 2008 11:40:01

I have my media files encrypted and stored on a shared drive (NAS) when a
request is made to the media server to stream a media file then, I want to
decrypt the media file and let the media server stream it. any suggestions
on how this can be done?

If I have to a write a data source plug-in then, can it be written in c# or
has to be written only in c++? I am using the Windows server 2008 standard

Any help would appreciated.

Is datasource plug-in needed?

Post by Vladimir P » Thu, 04 Sep 2008 06:08:10

Custom data source plug-ins can be created only in C++. They cannot be
created using C#, or Visual Basic .NET. Also Windows 2008 server standard
edition does not support custom plug-ins.


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