Not so difficult i think

Not so difficult i think

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I have a 2003 std server with Windows Media Services installed and would
publish some videos grabbed on the web. This works fine. (i create a publish
point on a directory containing all files)

But, you know when you play on a client the mms url, in media player some
tags info appears. For me it is the name of the publish point in selection
tab and in the info bar names like "selection1....12......20 etc...".

Someone could help me to setup tags ?

How can i do to list all files in the selection tab ?


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2. Fonts not clear, i's and L's are red in color

Hi Sorry this is a bit longer then most.

I am looking at a computer for a friend and frankly I have no idea what is
causing the problem. Fonts in Outlook Express and Internet Explorer
Favorites and certain websites the i's and L's in words are red in colour all
the other letters are normal black. When I type in Microsoft Word, the
lettering is fine just anything to do with Outlook Express and Internet
Explorer 6.

This computer has Windows XP Pro with a CRT monitor. The owner ran the
Clear Type Tuning program with a Crt monitor it was after running the program
that the letters changed color. The Clear Type tuning was turned off letters
still show red. Clear Type Tuning was removed Still the same. I checked all
the settings pertaining to fonts and they have not changed and are still the
same as before she ran the program. She saw on several forums that people
had used the Clear Type Tuning with a CRT and found improvement, although
Microsoft recommends not doing it.

I use a Benq 19 inch LED with the Clear Type Tuning. Works great, I thought
I would try to duplicate her problem. I hooked up my old 17 inch CRT ran the
program it didn't do much and did not cause the red i's and L's so I could
not duplicate it.

Has anyone had this problem, if so is their a remedy other then an XP repair
or re-install. I also ran a sfc /scannow for corruptions none were found. I
also took out the driver for her Nvidia GeForce video card and reinstalled an
updated one no change.

Anyone have any ideas open to everything and all except the obvious an XP

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