Problem with WMS and Pocket PC

Problem with WMS and Pocket PC

Post by Carid » Wed, 13 Oct 2004 23:21:44

I'm trying to see a video streaming from WMServices Server. The PPC
WMplayer9 go well until the video stop after few seconds, never more that 3
I'm using one acces point (Wifi) and a PPC X30 wifi 624mhz Dell with Windows
CE 2003, and a video streaming bitrate over 1mbps.

But when a play the same video directly from disk, (streaming saved to disk)
the player go well, and don't stop. I was testing the same video stream with
a table PC with Wifi, and WMplayer go well.

Any Idea?


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Hello All...

I have a i700 which shows the words "Pocket PC" on the front. However, the
operating system says "Pocket PC 2002" when I check it on the handheld. Now
I see that there is an operating system called "Pocket PC 2003".

Is this something (Pocket PC 2003) I can upgrade to (purchase?) or is the
hardware only built for one version of Pocket PC? It already is running
Pocket PC 2002 - but shows Pocket PC on the front.

If anyone can clarify this for me or make recommendations on the best course
of action (concerning operating systems), I would certainly appreciate it.

Thanks for listening, as well as for any assistance you can lend.

Geoff Hacker

Tampa Florida


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