WMS9 - SSL Remote access page not showing up

WMS9 - SSL Remote access page not showing up

Post by Ron Nata » Mon, 22 Sep 2003 08:02:50

I'm really new to all this stuff so bare with me...

I have my server 2003 configured for windows media
services on it. I wanted to view the web based version of
the control panel so I actvated IIS on the machine as
windows media instucted to use this feature. Everything
works fine to locally (Intranet) accessing the web based
windows media services control panel (WBCP). Now I wanted
to use a secure connection for the WBCP. I went into IIS
to set a certificate to the Windows media services and
went though the process of obtaining a interal
certificate for the machine though (CA). Now when I go
the WBCP it says that there is a certificate detected...
click here to log in securely. When I click the link
nothing comes up... it says page not found.

Any help would be great!


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