Broadcast Publishing Point Not Working

Broadcast Publishing Point Not Working

Post by Matt » Wed, 18 Aug 2004 11:37:04

Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on a Authentication issue we
are having pushing Media to the Windows Media Streaming server.

We are running a Windows 2003 Standard Edition Server. We have Web
Publishing service stopped and Windows Media listening on Port 80.

We have the content source on the Server set to Push:* as per the example.

We have no Authentication Methods set and as I understand this defaults to
Basic Authentication when this is the case.

On the Encoder we are using the following steps in the Wizard:

ServerIP = Our server IP address that windows media is listening on.
Publishingpoint = Publishing point name on the server.

1) Broadcast a live Event > Next

2) Audio - Default Audio device > Next

3) Push to a Windows Media Server (The Connection is initiated by the
Encoder) > Next

4) Server name : ServerIP

Publishing point: Publishingpoint

URL to server : http://ServerIP/Publishingpoint

5) Audio - Multiple Bit Rates > Next

6) Archive File - blank > Next

7) Display Information - blank > Next

8) Begin Broadcasting when wizard finishes: Checked > Finish

Then a password box comes up and states "Broadcasting via this Windows Media
Server requires a valid password, Type a password now - Type a password to
access the server "ServerIP"

This is where we are stuck. No matter what user we attempt to connect with
it does not login. We have tried Administrators on the box and normal users.

What permissions need to be set and where to get this to work?

Maybe I'm doing something completely wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Broadcast Publishing Point Not Working

Post by Matt » Sat, 21 Aug 2004 09:52:15

ear Ravi,

Thanks for your reply.

I have tried this but no luck. Clicking on the cancel button after a few
login attempts shows "The specified username is invalid"

This is the same with the Administrator and the user that I have given
access in server->Properties->Authorization->"WMS Publishing Points > ACL

Is Push: * the right location to set on the publishing point or do I have to
use some other values with this example?



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Broadcast Publishing Point Not Working

Post by Ravi Rama » Wed, 25 Aug 2004 10:20:14

o, push:* is the right thing to do.

Just a bit more clarification: If you did not change any
authentication settings, then it is the "WMS Negotiate
Authentication" plug-in that kicks in to authenticate you
(not Basic).

That said, can you give the list of server level and
publishing point level settings for both AUthentication
and authorization?

FOr example, is it something like:
Server level authentication - WMS Anonymous User
AUthentication and WMS Negotiate AUthentication enabled.
Server level authorization - WMS PUblishing POints ACL
Authorization enabled and the properties show "Everyone"
read access, "Administrators" read+write+creat access.

Similarly at the publishing point level - No
authentication plug-in enabled and no authorization plug-
in enabled.

button after a few
that I have given
Publishing Points > ACL
point or do I have to
in message
Server. We
listening on
Push:* as
now -

Broadcast Publishing Point Not Working

Post by Matt » Thu, 02 Sep 2004 12:52:00

hanks Ravi,

But still no luck with this.

I have those settings you specified set on server level and no
authentication or authorization set on the publishing point level.

I have tried to login with the normal user and the Administrator but still
no luck.

Still getting "The specified user is invalid"

Another thing I forgot to include in my original post. When we setup new
servers we remove "Everyone" Permissions from the root of C:.

I'm starting to think this may the cause of the issue.

Any More Suggestions?



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Broadcast Publishing Point Not Working

Post by Matt » Wed, 20 Oct 2004 18:00:57

ny Ideas?

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