slow fast slow fast slow fast MP3 playback

slow fast slow fast slow fast MP3 playback

Post by jensendarr » Thu, 18 Nov 2004 21:00:54

Does anyone know why I have the problem as described in the subject
line of this message? I am running Windows Server 2003 (I know, at
home! It is for development as well), on a machine with 250 MB RAM
(perhaps I need more RAM, but everything else works fine including SQL
Server 2000 (which I stopped running by the way when I play music)),
and Visual Studio 2003...they all run fine).

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help. If I don't hear from
anyone one consider it that I have been shopping for more RAM. Thanks!

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Hello everyone,

I am using D7, FR 2.53 and a TIBQuery.

I have a report which takes a bit of time to preview, so I was trying to
make it faster. After playing aroung with the query's SQL statement I
managed to get its execution time down to ~3sec (from ~12sec).

But, now it takes a lot of time for the report's PrepareReport method to
complete. Before, when the query needed ~12sec, PrepareReport completed
almost instantly (< ~1sec)

Does anyone have any idea what this is happening?

Thank you in advance


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