Record/Spy outgoing system sound

Record/Spy outgoing system sound

Post by raza » Wed, 07 Apr 2004 21:03:20

So far all the information i have gotten is how to render sound to
output device or capture sound. I want to spy/record all outgoing
system sound and save it to a file in wave format.(all the sound that
is being played from all applications at that moment). Does anyone
have any idea of how to accomplish this using WDM streaming filters
available in DirectShow . As far as my knowledge goes writing a WDM
filter or virtual audio driver for this work is way an overkill and a
LOT of effort. Somebody suggested to me that it can be done using
DirectShow filters. Anyone any ideas how?


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Is there any doubt what standards mangling this MS mess would have
brought to computing?

They still might attemp to foist it on users as an "upgrade". Who says MS
has no sense of humor -- biggest joke on Earth.

Just imagine saving a document to this thing -- there it goes deep into
another stinking MS morass.

Now to later access the doc, one would be required to call the Redmond
"Document Retreival Permissions Board" to endure a scathing list of
background checks to get an OK.

Want to access the doc with a 3rd party program? HAAAA! Lots of luck on

Want to actually delete the doc? Yeah, right. No access to the encrypted
key-word version patiently awaiting secret transmission to MS and ___ via
next web logon.

The mind of MS is broken.

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