WMP9: "Always show the full-screen controls" button obscured in full screen mode

WMP9: "Always show the full-screen controls" button obscured in full screen mode

Post by Michael Ko » Mon, 07 Jun 2004 04:40:50

I'm trying to fix a problem where a somewhat distorted windows flag is
obscuring the "Always show the full-screen controls" push pin in the upper
left corner when Windows Media Player 9 is running in full screen mode.

The issue is possibly limited to the Danish version of Media Player/WinXP.

Has anyone seen anything like this and/or know of a possible fix?

Screenshot of the problem available upon request.


Michael Kofod

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This happens with many of my full-screen games, but at times it will occur
with other programs including the screensaver! When I start a program, it
will begin as it should and go to full-screen, but then it will minimize and
return to the desktop. I can see the program listed on the taskbar, and if I
click on it, it will "attempt" to go full-screen, but return immediately to
the desktop. The programs/games that have the problem, always have the
problem. The ones that work fine, always work fine, it seems. But, as it's
not just one or 2 programs, it has to be in the OS or graphics somewhere.

Another odd thing going on that may be related: At one time, I had a
dual-monitor system. Experiencing simalr problems where the programs wouldn't
show on the monitor I assigned them to, I gave up and removed the 2nd
monitor. Now, with only one monitor, I seem to be forced to have my current
monitor assigned as monitor #2.

Anyone with any ideas of the problem and/or a solution??

Here's my system specs:
AMD Athlon 64 3000+
2.0 Gb RAM
ATI Radeon X1650 card (AGP 8X)
Vista 32 Bit OS (4.0 Rating)

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