Video Start vs. Slide delay

Video Start vs. Slide delay

Post by UmljaGFyZD » Sun, 15 Apr 2007 04:40:05

Still desparate for quick help on this! I upgraded to PPT 2007 and the slide
advance behaves differently with my slides that have videos. Whether I
"click" or "scroll" or hit the space bar, or pick the advance button on
presenter view - any of these actions to advance the slide (after the video
has played) will actually start the video again (the videos are set to play
on click), instead of advancing the slide. So the darn video starts to play
a second time, then I have to interupt it by "advancing the slide" again -
which works the second time.



Video Start vs. Slide delay

Post by Bill Dilwo » Sun, 15 Apr 2007 09:10:49

I'm not sure where all you have been with this issue, but I'm new to it.
Can you tell me exactly what appears on each line of the animation pane of
the slide with the video? If any of the items have a down-arrow to expand
the section, expand it before you type the response.

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