PowerPoint Pro 2007 VS. PowerPoint Viewer 2007

PowerPoint Pro 2007 VS. PowerPoint Viewer 2007

Post by TE90ZXJ » Wed, 09 Sep 2009 22:16:01

I have a presentation that the transitions run slow and jerky when ruining in
PPT Pro 2007. On the same machine running the same presentation in PPT 2007
Viewer it runs smooth.

What is the Pro version of Power Point doing wrong the the PowerPoint viewer
isn't? Is there a way to stream line the PowerPoint Pro 2007 to run smoother?

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I have hunted every corner of the help guides online troublshooting without
success. MS online takes me to either 2003 or 20007 but has no instructions
to get rid of viewer 2003 in my Vista system. The problem started when I open
an old powerpoint file that I have not used in 3 years and it asked me to
accept a viewer licence for powerpoint viewer which I did. Turns out it was
Powerpoint Viewer 2003 which now supercedes my installed version of Office
2007 professional. I want to open all my ppt files with 2007 professional in
the normal create mode but now when I click in the file icon in my documents
2003 jumps in and starts the thing as a presentation. This is unbelievable
that there is no way to easily find and restore my 2007 defaults from any of
the open program menus.

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