Simple Powerpoint questions

Simple Powerpoint questions

Post by RnNkbmxuc2 » Sat, 23 Jan 2010 11:47:01

1. How do I apply animation to specific words in a sentence? For example,
suppose I want the final word in a sentence to not show up at first, not
until I click the mouse. Here's my dumb attempt: I highlight the final word,
go to Custom Animation, and click 'Add Effect' > 'Entrance' > 'Appear'. But
this ends up selecting the entire sentence, despite the fact that I
highlighted only the final word in the sentence.

2. I like to do everything by keyboard. But how do I get to 'Add Effect' by
keyboard? I know I can get to Custom Animation with Alt+A, Alt+C. But then it
seems I am forced to move my mouse cursor over to 'Add Effect'. At this point
I can resume keyboard control: E, 1 for 'Entrance' > 'Appear'. Surely there
is a keyboard shortcut for 'Add Effect', isn't there?

Simple Powerpoint questions

Post by Presentati » Sat, 23 Jan 2010 12:01:47

I believe you can only add a click control if you add a 'return' between the
words (new line). Effect Options/ Effect/ Animate Text : By word will only
automatically introduce the words - you can set the delay by the % option.

It is i a bit clunky but you could alternatively add a separate text box for
the final word.

With regard to the keyboard control - you will be glad to hear that this is
now fixed in PowerPoint 2010 (Beta).

Emma Bannister
PowerPoint Specialist


Simple Powerpoint questions

Post by John Wilso » Sat, 23 Jan 2010 17:00:10

There's no way to animate one word in a paragraph. However you can make it
look like it happened!

One way here
Another is to add a shape OVER the word and set the fill to slide
background. Have this shape EXIT on click.


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