Got it ...

Got it ...

Post by Peter Soja » Thu, 13 Nov 2003 04:07:57

I develop on a network share, and if start my app from there it runs in
the LocalIntranet code-group which does not have the "FullTrust"
permission set (this is needed to execute unmanaged code). I just added
FullTrust to LocalIntranet code group (tool: "mscorcfg.msc") and it
works now. Don't know if this is the best solution tough :-)


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2. Filter drop down that gets it's values from WSS List

Is there any way to filter a drop down when it is using Look up values
in a data connection to a sharepoint list? I am working on an
equipment (laptop in particular) request form that will be based off a
list in WSS. The list will contain more equipment than the laptops but
I only want to display the laptops. The list will contain a Type field
that will be either laptop/desktop/etc.

At this time I only have laptops in the WSS list but plan on adding
other types. I can use multiple lists but since the number of machines
that I am responsible for is small It would be easier to have one list
with everything.

In the form, I have the display name = Model and the value = Serial
Number and from this, I am using code to populate several other fields
based on the returns from the dropdown, i.e. Memory, ram, HD, etc.

Any help would be appriciated.


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