if Add-in desn't load when the host application loads-how to load

if Add-in desn't load when the host application loads-how to load

Post by ZnJs » Fri, 27 Jul 2007 19:52:00

Hello everyone,

I created Shared Add-in using C# through VS2005 wizard.

I selected that the Add-In will load only when the user specifically loads it.

So how the user can specifically load it?

If LoadBehaviour is "load on demand", how I can load my Add-in on demand in
Excel 2003?

1. load=load=load=load=

2. Excel add-ins not loaded using New Excel.Application in VB.Net

I'm trying to automate a few functions provided in a third-party xla. When I
open Excel normally, the add-in is available. I can invoke it via the UI or
VBA. When the Excel (2003) instance is created by VB.Net, the add-in is not
there. When I take user control of the Excel instance, the add-in is not
present (no UI, and it's not listed among the projects when I jump into VBA).
So of course I get a COM exception when my .NET code tries to invoke one of
the add-in's functions.
Again, the add-in is there when I launch Excel manually, but not when
launched via .NET. This works on another computer running different versions
of Windows and Office (the problem is on my desktop running Windows XP and
Office 2003). Any suggestions?
Thank you.

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