nntp server managed discussion groups

nntp server managed discussion groups

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What is the nmtp server for the msdn managed discussion groups

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I have 2 WSS sites they are not connected in a portal in any way one is a
test and the other is live. We recently decided to recreate the structure of
our site. The new structure was built entirely on the test site. We intend to
wipe the live site and upgrade the hard drives etc... once done we are going
to backup the new structure and restore on the upgraded server.

I can download all the documents stored in the Shared Documents folder as
versioning was not turned on, then upload them to the new site. There are
however some items that are in a particular discussion group on the old WSS
site that I need to keep along with all its threads.

Is it possible to backup just the discussion group and then restore to a new
rebuilt site?

If what I have written does not make any sense, let me know and I will try
to elaborate further...


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