text to table automation in FrontPage or Office

text to table automation in FrontPage or Office

Post by U3Jpa2FudG » Mon, 19 Jan 2004 14:36:12

I need to do a lot of formatting which mainly involves converting text to tables.
Is there a function in VB that I can use to write a macro ?
Ive never written a macro before, but I am familiar with VB

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FrontPage 2000 in Office suite. Two entries in Registry: Frontpage in
HKEY_USERS Software. FrontPage in Office entry appears in Registry
HKEY_USERS Software, when "add-ins" Microsoft, are installed with Frontpage
open. The moment this is done FrontPage crashes. Registry shows the add-ins
added the FrontPage Registry entry under Office. Remove this FrontPage entry
from Office in the Registry and FrontPage will open and not crash. Removed
and reinstalled you name it I've done it: as far as my knowledge goes. I note
the FrontPage entry under office in the Registry has no values but the other
FrontPage entry does. I also dont know how to give the Office FrontPage entry
the values it needs or transfer the values/keys into the Office FrontPage
entry. Then hopefully everything will point in the right direction and work
without crashing.

Thanks for any help, Wazza

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