Help with tutorial "Creating Office COM Add-Ins w/ Visual Basic .N

Help with tutorial "Creating Office COM Add-Ins w/ Visual Basic .N

Post by UkVhc2xle » Thu, 02 Mar 2006 06:11:30

I posted this in a different forum before I found this one. Sorry for double
posting but I think this is a more approriate forum to post it in.

I'm new to this type of programming and have found myself put in charge of a
couple of applications that were created by a previous employee. So now I'm
learning how to do this. I found the article listed in the subject on the
msdn site and found it very informative and easy to read. I thought that the
instructions were very much to the point and that there wasn't any confusing
jargan put in. Unfortunately, after following through the tutorial portion of
the article I am unable to get it to compile.

I am receiving these three errors:

Namespace or type 'PpSlideLayout' for the Imports 'PowerPoint.PpSlideLayout'
cannot be found.
Type 'PowerPoint.Presentation' is not defined.
Name 'ppLayoutBlank' is not declared.

I followed the steps that were listed in the tutorial and have added the
PowerPoint reference that was listed in the tutorial. I am using Microsoft
Development Environment 2003 v7.1.3088 with Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
v1.1.4322 SP1. It is running on a machine running Windows 2000 Professional

Has anyone else had these problems and can suggest to me how to fix them? Or
does anyone just have an idea of what may be wrong. I thank everyone for any
help or advice that you can give me.

Help with tutorial "Creating Office COM Add-Ins w/ Visual Basic .N

Post by Eugene E. » Fri, 17 Mar 2006 11:41:00


Have a look at
There is a vitamin for all Office developers :-)

Regards from Belarus,
Eugene E. Starostin
A vital tool for developing add-ins and
smart tags for Microsoft Office