Pool/Billiard Table with Microsoft Surface Technology

Pool/Billiard Table with Microsoft Surface Technology

Post by b25la2Vlbn » Thu, 08 Jan 2009 11:33:01

A pool table with ESPN TV screen technology showing all of the angles of the
pool balls - sort of.

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I need to write a simple 3d pool/billiard simulaton using software only
rendering. I've already got a triangle scanline renderer but I don't
want to render the balls using polygons! Instead I need a fast way to
render them either by blitting directly to screen space or some other
method without tessalating them.

The problem I'm having is because perspective effects would normally be
visible if the balls were rendered using triangle meshes (in the same
way as the pool table) unless the balls were directly in the centre of
the screen, and not too close to the camera. However, simply blitting a
pre-rendered circle or perfect sphere around the balls centre point
does not give the same perspective effect, and is not quite correct.

How do other pool games do this (other than using meshes) and maintain
consistency with perspective distortion?

(I read some reviews of commercial billiard games and they rave about
the balls being perfectly round, surley you can't do that unless its an
orthographic perspective transform, which there clearly not.)


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