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Hi list;

I am a network guy, not a developer. I have found out that DCOM is one of
the top 5 applications eating up bandwidth.

(I monitored network traffic as some users complained that the network was

I understand that some home grown applications written in visual basic are
using DCOM.

Our company is basically a Microsoft shop. Are Exchange 2000 and higher,
Office 2000 and higher, SQL 2000 and higher using DCOM? What other MS
applications using DCOM too? It helps us to trouble shoot the performance

Any comments/pointers are appreciated.


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Hi everyone,
Im dealing with the problem that a dcom client program should register
itself on a different pc in the network, on which the dcom server program
runs but cannot change registry values unless the user on the client pc
belongs to the administrator group on the server.
Is there any way to change this behavior or a work around for this problem?
The background is like this: a user (who doesnt have administrative rights)
starts a program on the client pc. This program connects itself via dcom to
the server and checks if for example enough licenses are left. In this
progress it is necessary that a couple of values are changed in the registry.
Ive tried everything (IMHO) beginning with the rights for the dcom-object.
Unfortunately nothing worked, except I added the user to the administrator
group on the server pc which is of course not applicable.
Hope some of you can help me out on this problem.
Thanks for any answers in advance,

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