Release of PRM - Press Release Monster v. 1.00

Release of PRM - Press Release Monster v. 1.00

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Release of PRM - Press Release Monster v. 1.00
Press Release Submission Tool for Windows-based Mobile Devices
July 23, 2010

MobileTimes announces the release of its fully automatic Press Release (PR)
utility PRM - Press Release Monster for Windows-based Mobile Devices.

Blast your company, organization, or your private product/service PR's to
over 4000 newspapers and magazines. PRM is a fully automated tool that
works from any Windows capable phone or PDA. Simply add, or import your
press release. That's it! Everything else is handled by the tool.
Conveniently, send Press Releases whenever you want, from wherever you are!
Finally, you are in control of making your products or services known to the
printed press. You can add as many press releases as you want. The tool
distributes them automatically and unobtrusively in round-robin fashion to
more than 4000 printed press contacts.

It no longer matters where you are and what you are doing. As long as your
phone is by your side, you are ready to market your company/organization's
products, services, or web site. Let's face it, lugging around your laptop
or even Netbook is not always a choice of convenience. Your Mobile Device
on the other hand, is almost always by your side, or at least in convenient

A Multi-Lingual User Interface to over 140 languages is available.

Support exists for Windows Mobile 5.0 & 6.x (6.0, 6.1, and 6.5) for the
PocketPC/Professional and SmartPhone/Standard platforms. Released as

Direct Download:

All Platforms/Devices:

WM6 Standard Edition (6.0, 6.1 & 6.5):

WM6 Professional Edition (6.0, 6.1 & 6.5):

WM5 SmartPhone Edition:

WM5 PocketPC Edition:

For More Information Contact:


E-Mail: MobileTimes ( XXXX@XXXXX.COM )
Web: MobileTimes ( )

1. Release of PRM - Press Release Monster v. 1.00

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